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Molex Pins and Sockets

Have you ever worked on the electrical system and run into what appears to be cheap plastic connectors with cheap tin pins and sockets? Chances are pretty good they are Molex pins, sockets and connectors. You can try using standard splice crimpers on these pins, but the crimps will be very ugly. And chances are good that you cannot find anyplace that carries these pins and sockets so you can replace the beat up one. Many mechanics either try reusing them by opening the crimp, or by soldiering the new wire onto the old pin.

And it is ugly and will not work well. There is a solution, and it is fairly inexpensive. Buy a crimper, removal tool, and new pins and sockets. Below are some links that you can get this stuff at. Once you have it, the repairs will be much easier.

First the crimper, this is the most expensive part, but it is still inexpensive. While I would not use this for anything that needs precision work (Aerospace and that sort of thing) it works well for cars and other home projects.

The removal tool is used for both the pins and sockets.

Now for the pins and sockets. There are two sizes. First is the the .093″ size. I was able to purchase both of them here.  Then there is the .084″ size. You can get the pins here and you can get the sockets here.


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