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My Lenovo Yoga 11S (not anymore)

Just before Christmas I received from Lenovo a Yoga 3 Pro (very nice machine to replace the Yoga 11S that they had previously sent me. One thing I had to do was to pass along my 11S to a deserving person. So I gave my Yoga 11S to my Mother. I know what you are thinking, “nepotism sure is great” but that is not the case. My Mother is a public Guardian. As you can imagine there is a boatload of paperwork that goes along with this. While we do live in the supposed Digital age, for some reason there is still a lot of paperwork that has to be done. I am slowly dragging her into the 21st century. She has a cell phone that is about a year and a half old, she never had one before. She is slowly integrating the computer to fill out more forms and store more of her data on, but it is a slow process and the courts still require paper. I have been looking for a light weight yet modern enough computer that she will be able to drag around with her to all of her meetings and appointments and the like. The Yoga 11S fits that bill perfectly.

There is a bit of a learning curve for her, as she used Windows 7 before this, and the touchscreen adds a whole new dimension to computing. We are also trying to get it setup for her so she does not have to worry about the mechanics of the thing and all her files are updated between the computer that stays at home and her new road trip system.

She is also not a Facebook or Twitter user (her grandkids are upset about that), she is very appreciative of the new technology for her work.

Here she is with her new Lenovo Yoga 11S and about half of the paperwork she has to maintain.


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