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Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK

Lenovo sent me one a couple months back to test out and replace my 1 yr. old Yoga 3 Pro. The specs of the machine are a bit different than the ones that are currently on sale (the newer ones have faster memory and larger SSD) so I will not go into the specs. If you really want them, you can see them here, and I will have to say, over all I am impressed. The six row keyboard has replaced the 5 row keyboard in the previous year’s Yoga’s. The nice watch hinge is still here, and seems to have been improved. Also added are cooling vents and a pair of cooling fans. Battery life is still impressive, as long as you turn the brightness of the display down. It came preinstalled with Windows 10 Home, some Lenovo software McAfee Antivirus (if I remember, I uninstalled it and replaced it with my choice), what Microsoft mandates is installed with Windows, and nothing else.

This Yoga with the leather sleeve I got for it, weigh in at under 3 pounds. I drag this thing all over the place. It has become my primary system. Everything is on it. I even use it with Photoshop.

Now I am not making any 3d graphic movies on it, and I am not using it for a MMORPG gaming rig (I suspect it would work for that, plugged in of course) it has handled everything I have thrown at it.

I had 1 hiccup with one of the Windows update, but I was able to resolve that fairly quickly. The only other real problem I have with it, is that occasionally it looks like I have a ghost finger trying to use the touch screen. A reboot fixes the problem. But since the last windows update, the problem has not reappeared so it very well could have been a windows issue.

It uses Lenovo’s proprietary USB port to charge with, but once the charging is done, you can use it as a normal USB3 port. There is one thing about this Yoga that I still find irritating, the SD slot. It has a SD card slot, but it only physically accepts half the SD card. I would like to see this feature go away and be replaced by a Micros SD card slot with a full insertion.

All in all, I find this Yoga a very usable system, in any of its four modes, from a full laptop to its tablet mode. And with its light weight, it is easy to take anyplace. Even propping it against a steering wheel while waiting for someone.

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